Harry is a software engineer. He loves to solve intricate problems by leveraging technologies across the stack.

A full-stack developer, Harry focuses on front-end technologies like React.js, Angular, D3.js, and jQuery, as well as back-end tech including Node.js, Express, MongoDB. He has created scalable applications with service-oriented architecture and is continually looking to utilize new technologies into future projects.

When away from his work, Harry can be found creating designs, shooting photographs, writing & recording music, or playing video games.

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A highly performant, cryptocurrency exchange built with a service-oriented architecture.

  • React, Express/Node, rethinkDB, redis, deepstream.io
  • Designed & developed responsive, real-time front end client using deepstream.io & React
  • Leveraged D3.js for data visualization
  • Built multiple performant services, load tested at 620K transactions/hr on single t2.medium instance at ~20% CPU usage

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